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One Energy is thrilled to announce Wind Study – where we’re sharing homework problems related to wind energy and STEM every week! We’ve created these homework problems to assist teachers, parents, and kids of all ages in learning more about science, technology, engineering, and math – and to provide an inside look at some of the cool things we do at One Energy. 

Questions will be posted each Monday on this OE Feed, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts; check back on Fridays for the answer to the questions!

This week, we’re building a foundation for a wind turbine and need some help with math problems involving 2D and 3D geometry. 

Download this week’s Wind Study Homework Question (and check back Friday for the answer!)

In his second op-ed with Recharge, One Energy CEO Jereme Kent takes a page out of The Art of War, taking aim at old guard utilities and issuing a battle cry to fellow energy sector rebels. 

Environment+Energy Leader’s Emily Holbrook covered the release of our U.S. Market Analysis report, noting that 20% of U.S. commercial and industrial facilities could financially and operationally benefit from on-site, behind-the-meter wind energy – also known as Wind for Industry. Coverage includes findings regarding Wind for Industry’s total addressable market (TAM), serviceable market (SM), serviceable market growth opportunities, and One Energy’s Wind for Industry expansion strategy. View additional coverage in Wind Power Engineering as well.

One Energy, an industrial power company and the largest installer of on-site wind energy in North America, today released a detailed report on the potential for on-site wind energy at large U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities. The analysis reveals approximately 20 percent of these facilities would financially and operationally benefit from Wind for Industry® – on-site, behind-the-meter wind energy projects.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to the Ohio House Select Committee reviewing the controversial House Bill 6 (in light of the revelation that this particular legislative sausage-making was especially bad). I try to always be candid and honest when talking to legislators. The reality of this particular situation is that HB6 is complicated and while utilities should be punished for their actions, the good things in HB6 should not be undone just because they happened to be in the same bill. It was a great conversation with legislators who were actively involved.

It was also ironic that many renewable companies seem to want to use this HB6 mess as an opportunity to get their piece of the pie to make things equal. Until the entire industry shifts its focus to removing technical roadblocks and creating a level playing field, the industry is going to continue to lose. The wind industry is always going to lose as the “new-subsidy game”. The utilities and legacy fuels are always going to get a newer and better subsidy then renewables. The “no-subsidies for anyone” strategy that I advocate for scares the hell out of the utilities and is the best thing for the renewable industry in the long run.

I don’t know how many times the wind industry has to lose in Ohio before it realizes that it needs to completely rethink its strategy and tactics.

You can read my testimony or watch a recording (which includes my follow-up discussion with legislators) below.  -Jereme Kent, CEO

Nothing about starting or growing a company in an emerging industry is easy. One Energy knows this firsthand. Bloomberg Reporter Liam Denning wrote a story (with our support) about some of our struggles.

One Energy partnered with customer Marathon Petroleum Corporation to build a Wind for Industry project to power their pump station in Harpster, Ohio.

In their 2019 Sustainability Report, MPC featured the project as one of the ways the company is increasing renewable fuel processing and energy use.

Read about their wind turbine and other efforts MPC is making on page number 15 of their Sustainability Report (the 19th page of the PDF).

View the report here.

One Energy CEO Jereme Kent spoke with host Sam Easterby about Wind for Industry, and how One Energy is challenging the status quo by offering on-site wind generation for industrial customers.

Due in large part to their Wind for Industry projects, One Energy customer Whirlpool Corporation is one of the largest Fortune 500 consumers of on-site wind energy in the United States.

Each year, Whirlpool Corporation highlights their One Energy wind turbines in their annual Sustainability Report.

See pages 33 and 34 of the 2019 report for the most recent summary of our combined impact. (The images on pages 7 and 12 also highlight some of Whirlpool’s Wind for Industry projects.)

View the report here.

“When it comes to wind power, there’s no such thing as hot air.” LafargeHolcim’s plant in Paulding, Ohio is harnessing the wind for its power, and eliminating the equivalent of 9,000 tons of CO2 each year.