9.4 Building Utility 2.0




One Energy builds, owns, and operates major electrical infrastructure for industrial energy users on their side of the meter.

One Energy is already building the customer-centric power grid of the future.

One Energy is building Utility 2.0.

What Does it Mean to Be a Utility 2.0 Company?

The power grid is failing, utilities are failing, and customers deserve better. It’s time for Utility 2.0. But what does that mean?

A Utility 2.0 company:

  • enables, operates in, and improves upon a decentralized power grid.
  • provides a physical solution that operates on the power grid.
  • embraces the sustainable development of their company and their products.
  • is not entitled to monopolistic protections – of any kind.
  • innovates to ensure the cost of delivered energy goes down over time.

Utility 1.0 vs Utility 2.0

The concept of a traditional utility is ripe for change. It’s clear that the current power grid is failing energy users, and it’s time for an upgrade.

Learn more about Utility 2.0, and how it compares to (and improves upon) the decades-old system we’re calling “Utility 1.0” below.

Utility 2.0? We’re Already Building It.