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In December 2020, Ohio Energy Project and One Energy partnered for a virtual field trip inviting students, teachers, and classrooms from across the state to enjoy an up-close tour of the North Findlay Wind Campus.

The educational event was hosted by Monique Heath, Education Coordinator with Ohio Energy Project, with Erica Johnson, Field Engineer with One Energy serving as tour guide. Participants were taken on a tour of One Energy’s headquarters, explored large turbine parts in the company’s component yard, and even went inside a turbine that directly powers a nearby manufacturing facility!

Ohio Energy Project has shared a recording of the event on YouTube, which can be viewed below or by clicking here.

Ever wonder how wind turbine blades work, why turbines are painted light gray, or what the inside of a turbine looks like? We answer those questions (and many more) during the 45-minute field trip.

An added bonus? You’ll hear what it’s like to work in wind energy from past One Energy interns and current employees in engineering, procurement, and analyst roles!

Thanks to the teachers, students, classrooms, and all who participated and made the field trip such an engaging event!

Thanks also to Ohio Energy Project, and the team who helped make this digital visit as exciting as the real thing.