4.2 Virtual Tour of a Wind Farm




Curious about Wind for Industry? Take a tour of a Wind for Industry project.

On this page, walk through the North Findlay Wind Campus, where the One Energy headquarters sits directly beneath the eight wind turbines helping to power factories owned by Whirlpool Corporation and Ball Corporation in Findlay, Ohio.

There’s nothing quite like taking a walk under these massive structures, climbing to the top of a turbine, and seeing the view for yourself. 
Climb 288 ladder rungs with us, travel up 265 feet in the air, and look out of the hub at the view from the top of a wind turbine tower. Get an up-close view of the turbine parts we keep in stock, like the 142-foot-long blades, the 100,000-pound generators, and the nacelles waiting in our laydown yard for their next assignment. A tour of a Wind for Industry project is the single best way to understand what this is all about.
Watch this 34-minute video for the same tour we would give you on-site. Plus, climb a wind turbine with us!