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Need a great wind turbine photo for your school project, industry article, or something else entirely?

We’ve got plenty!

We think our projects are incredible – and while photos don’t do them justice, the images are still awe-inspiring. Take a look through our photo library below; you’re welcome to use One Energy photos in any medium or format, under the following conditions:

1. You do not edit or adapt (remix, transform, or build upon) the photo(s).
2. You do not use the image(s) for any commercial purposes, except for journalism or education.
3. You credit One Energy Enterprises Inc. for the image.

Click on an image to initiate a download. Please note that the image downloads are high resolution images around 10MB in size, and therefore may take a moment to download.

To download all photos in the album at once, click on the    folder icon located in the top right of this page.