1.4 Analytics and Retail Sales





The energy market is becoming more complex. Large energy users need the right analytics in place to position their business into the future, but renewables and ESG may add significant complexity. The low-hanging fruit is gone – today’s cost-saving strategies require a deeper analytical approach.

Even sophisticated energy consumers lack the time to do all the research required to make the best decision for their energy needs. The answer is better analytics. Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It also entails applying data patterns towards effective decision making.

Corporate Value #3: Make Our Customers Smarter than the Competition’s Experts


One Energy Analytics helps customers maximize the way they buy and use energy, with sophisticated modeling and increased efficiencies. Our analytics experts interpret unique data profiles, helping our customers make effective decisions that impact their bottom line. Our process captures market savings, and our energy management scope navigates a path to ease complexity within renewable and ESG company goals.

We have assembled a team of experts in energy technology and analytics; by providing better analytics, we can ultimately provide better-customized energy solutions. Our services include:

  • Retail energy advice (including electric and natural gas supply, delivery, and supply audits)
  • Regulatory guidance (including tariff analysis, Peak Load Contribution management, and education)
  • Data visualization, personalized company dashboard
  • Technical energy consulting (including site selection, utility transmission line extensions, distribution line relocation, infrastructure correction, and backup generation, and substation design oversight)
  • Reasonable Arrangement management

Our Team

VP, Head of Analytics

Rich leads a team of professional analysts and problem solvers who are responsible for the strategies and solutions that help our customers become better consumers of energy.

The One Energy Analytics team was assembled early in Ohio’s deregulation history and has used customers’ data coupled with consistent educational practices, proven modeling strategies, and frequent customer interaction to drive savings to our customers’ utility expenses. The vast knowledge and experience of the team members provide the perfect balance between data analytics and business methodology.

Prior to joining One Energy, Rich held positions with Lykins Energy Advisors, and Ford Motor Company, and owned his own service company. Rich holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University College of Engineering where he specialized in fluid dynamics.

Rich joined One Energy in 2021.

Director of Analytics

Problem-solving through creative and strategic customized solutions is Scott’s passion. A long-time business associate of One Energy’s Head of Analytics Rich Bohon, Scott and Rich have built a uniquely qualified team where better analytics and best practices provide better-customized energy solutions. 

As a division of One Energy, the One Energy Analytics team has the necessary independence and autonomy to tackle the energy market. As the team’s Director of Analytics, Scott uses business discovery and interpretation of data analytics to communicate meaningful patterns in data to customers. He combines scientific technology with regulatory best practices so that optimal energy solutions are achieved.

Prior to joining One Energy, Scott was the Strategic Solutions Manager for Lykins Energy Advisors, where he played a key role in establishing and managing the professional energy consulting and services firm. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Business from the University of Cincinnati.

Scott joined One Energy in 2021.

Technical Manager

Jeff leads the One Energy Analytics team’s data and modeling efforts, as well as a broad array of energy consulting projects.

Key to the project-oriented work Jeff provides for customers is a focus on customer service and transparency. He works as an analyst, problem solver, and educator who identifies primary energy issues for customers and creates elegant solutions in a timely fashion. He has consulted for organizations in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors, providing strategies that manage customer risk and support their bottom line. Jeff’s expertise in renewable energy and storage technologies and his analytical approach to their feasibility and development are greatly valuable to the One Energy Analytics team.

Jeff first worked as an analyst with AEP Energy, modeling customer churn and renewable energy project feasibility. Before One Energy, Jeff led the analytics team at Lykins Energy Advisors. Jeff holds a Master of Environmental Science from Miami University Oxford and earned undergraduate degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Oberlin College.

Jeff joined One Energy in 2021.

For more information, contact us at analytics@oneenergyllc.com