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Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to the Ohio House Select Committee reviewing the controversial House Bill 6 (in light of the revelation that this particular legislative sausage-making was especially bad). I try to always be candid and honest when talking to legislators. The reality of this particular situation is that HB6 is complicated and while utilities should be punished for their actions, the good things in HB6 should not be undone just because they happened to be in the same bill. It was a great conversation with legislators who were actively involved.

It was also ironic that many renewable companies seem to want to use this HB6 mess as an opportunity to get their piece of the pie to make things equal. Until the entire industry shifts its focus to removing technical roadblocks and creating a level playing field, the industry is going to continue to lose. The wind industry is always going to lose as the “new-subsidy game”. The utilities and legacy fuels are always going to get a newer and better subsidy then renewables. The “no-subsidies for anyone” strategy that I advocate for scares the hell out of the utilities and is the best thing for the renewable industry in the long run.

I don’t know how many times the wind industry has to lose in Ohio before it realizes that it needs to completely rethink its strategy and tactics.

You can read my testimony or watch a recording (which includes my follow-up discussion with legislators) below.  -Jereme Kent, CEO