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One Energy CEO, Jereme Kent, was recently a guest on the HDT Talks Trucking podcast hosted by Jim Park.

During the interview, Jereme and Jim discussed One Energy’s new Megawatt Hubs and its intent to install customizable Big Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging solutions for customers. With the increasing electrification of the trucking industry in the U.S., they touch on many problems facing electric trucking infrastructure. Jereme describes how One Energy plans to tackle these complications, leveraging the advantage of its location and power capacity for future nationwide distribution.

As a power guy, I never had a reason to talk to the trucking guys, right?…
Now all of a sudden, their entire industry and one of our biggest growth segments are the same thing! All of a sudden, all of these power companies should be talking to logistics companies… saying, ‘How do we work together?’ “

Check out Jereme’s full interview on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or YouTube.


December 06, 2023 – Wind Views | Rotor Fly in Action!

Rotor flying is a site to behold – both our office and field team members share an affinity for watching this part of the wind turbine erection process. A rotor fly involves lifting the rotor (three blades attached to the hub) more than 265 feet in the air using a crane and specialized rigging equipment.

This week’s Wind View clips were taken at One Energy’s most recent Wind for Industry project.

The 2024 Megawatt Scholarship season is officially open!

These scholarships give back to the communities where Wind for Industry® projects are built. One Energy sponsors one $5,000 scholarship per turbine at a customer’s facility – every year the turbine operates. To date, 125 scholarships have been awarded to outstanding local students.

Visit www.megawattscholarships.org to view available scholarships and apply – the application deadline is March 15, 2024.

November 22, 2023 – Wind Views | Sharpening Skills

One Energy’s Project Planning and Technology (PPT) Field Engineers and Analysts are halfway through Wind School!

Wind School is an internal program hosted by One Energy team members, to train and sharpen the skills of PPT members on the development process of our Wind for Industry projects. By the end of the training, all Field Engineers and Analysts will be able to complete an entire Project Due Diligence Package as well as explain One Energy’s methodologies and how they compare to the rest of the industry. 



Recently, One Energy was featured in Concrete Products magazine for its first fully digital substation in the United States.

Read the full feature here.

Recently, students from the Millstream Career Center visited the One Energy North Findlay Wind Campus for a field trip! The tour was split up into three sections – students could touch and interact with various elements related to that portion of the tour, like pushing on and feeling the flexibility of a wind turbine blade, holding hardware used in our high-voltage projects, and practicing tying arm slings on one another.

Thank you to the teachers and students for joining us and getting their hands dirty.



November 14, 2023 – Science Shorts | Oscillation

Let’s swing into the next episode of our Science Shorts!

In this episode, One Energy Field Engineer Tyler explains what oscillation is and where we can find it in our daily lives. A fantastic example of this motion is a playground swing moving back and forth. Keep an eye out as you move through your day and see if you can spot any other instances of oscillation in action.

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Wind View | We’re going underground!

Did you know there are likely electric, gas, and water lines buried beneath the ground wherever you are right now? You should always call Ohio Utility Protection Services (OUPS) to locate these underground utility lines before digging to avoid potential injury, downtime, or unexpected costs.

One Energy is an OUPS member, which means if someone needs to dig at one of our operating project sites and calls OUPS, they will notify us. We then have 48 hours to perform locates. Locates are when we identify any utility lines using paint and flags, along with what type of utility it is and our contact info. Lines are marked every 25 feet or so with a Rigid locator. You can see One Energy Field Engineer Zhuoran marking underground utility lines in this week’s photos!



Have you ever built something from scratch? If so, you know how challenging it can be and how rewarding it can feel when the project is finished!

For this episode of A Day in the Life, watch as we follow One Energy Field Engineers Vuyiswa Mngometulu and Zhuoran Zhang as they design and build their first-ever Control Room from the ground up. See how building this room helped Vuyiswa and Zhuoran gain valuable skills and grow as new field engineers.

The Control Room will allow the Operators to monitor One Energy’s operating projects simultaneously, 24/7.

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November 01, 2023 – Wind Views | WRISE Visits One Energy

One Energy was thrilled when the Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) Ohio chapter said they wanted to visit our North Findlay Wind Campus for a tour. We appreciate WRISE’s mission of “igniting the collective power of community” and are excited about building a new relationship within ours!