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This aerial photo shows various wind turbine components at a Wind for Industry construction site.

Counter-clockwise from left are three blades, four tower sections, a permanent magnet direct drive generator, a palletized tool kit used by our Construction Team, the circular turbine foundation pedestal (the brown circle is the anchor bolts that attach to the base tower section), a green step-up transformer, and a blue junction box. All of these parts play an important role in the finished product, which now powers a nearby manufacturing facility.

Check out the three blades – they’re shipped and stored in metal stands, which hold the blades off the ground and protect them prior to installation.

Fun fact: while each blade weighs more than 18,000 pounds, the individual blade weights can vary from set to set. That said, the weight of blades within a set are consistent – that is, the three blades used on any given turbine (like the ones below) will have weights that are extremely similar.

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