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Why are wind turbines painted white*?

Why not purple, green, or black?

Well, white* is a neutral color, so on a cloudy day, the turbines blend in with the sky. This helps wind turbines fade into the horizon, maintaining scenic views as much as possible – though we think wind turbines are pretty cool to look at!

White* also stands out from above, making turbines easily visible for the pilots flying overhead who need to avoid them.

Finally, turbines are white* because it is a reflective color. The hue reflects the sun’s rays and helps keep the turbine cool, which in turn helps the turbine last longer (and keeps our technicians happy while working inside!).

*Another fun fact: not all turbines are white – including those installed by One Energy! The Federal Aviation Administration sets forth acceptable colors for wind turbines, ranging from pure white to light gray. One Energy’s turbines are the light gray shade (RAL 7035, to be exact!).

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