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One Energy operates nationally and supports locally. Born out of the Midwest, we strongly value our roots and we do everything we can to make sure our communities succeed.

When it comes to philanthropy, enabling the future of STEM is our cause. You’ll find us pouring our time, energy, and money into assisting causes that advance science, technology, engineering, and math. Outside of charity, community support is ingrained in our business operations.

Our projects are part of community landscapes for 20+ years.

We believe in investing in the communities where our customers and projects are located.

Corporate Value #4: Work with the Manufacturers to Give Our Customers the Best Products Possible.

Being Good Neighbors

Once a Wind for Industry project is installed in a community, it’s a part of the landscape for the next 20+ years. One Energy has a commitment to our customers and their local communities to provide information about our projects, and to be accountable to our partners and neighbors.

One Energy is proactive in contacting local schools, service clubs, and organizations to give presentations that describe wind energy, how Wind for Industry projects benefit our customers and the community, and what to expect as the construction phases move forward. Depending on the project site, there may be additional community open-house events or other informative ways for community members to understand One Energy, wind energy, and to have all their questions answered.

We believe in investing in the communities where our customers and our projects are located. This investment comes in the form of educational outreach at all levels: supporting economic development, awarding STEM scholarships, working with chambers of commerce and government agencies, enabling community engagement, creating clean and attractive spaces, and enabling STEM education in the local community.

Buying Locally

The wind industry is a global market; however, One Energy looks for opportunities to buy locally whenever possible. One Energy’s Wind for Industry projects allow our customers to invest in the local community by committing to a 20-year Renewable Energy Agreement (REA) for wind energy at their production facility(ies). Buying locally allows One Energy to invest in local businesses and the community.

While specific project constraints may restrict us, we make every effort to buy locally whenever possible.