Wind Knowledge

Wind Knowledge

One Energy believes in being professors, not salesmen. Our goal is to teach individuals about wind energy, offering objective, verifiable information – and separating opinions from facts. The more you know about wind, the stronger your Wind for Industry® decision can be.
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Wind Turbine Information 

Each customer is different, with different geographic qualities and electricity needs. Thus, each project is assessed for the proper wind turbine model. The turbines we’ve used in past projects have been a 1.5 MW permanent magnet direct-drive generator model, which offers high power-generating efficiency for low wind speeds. View this page for turbine diagrams and information on sizes and sources of our parts.

On-Site and the Grid 

Large industrial consumers receive their power directly from the distribution grid. The local electric utility company measures (and bills for) the power consumed by each customer with an electric meter. This page diagrams how on-site wind generation is different.


As a fuel source, wind is free and infinite. The installation of just one 1.5 MW wind turbine has a significant positive environmental impact. On this page, you’ll find information about environmental effects of Wind for Industry® projects.


This website uses words and phrases not commonly used outside our industry or even outside One Energy. Review the language presented on this page to keep up to speed and feel confident learning about and talking about – wind. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

At One Energy, we understand wind. But we realize not everyone is of the same understanding. On this page, find answers to frequently asked questions and a list of significant questions any wind-turbine contractor should be asked.