How Wind for Industry® Works

How Wind for Industry® Works

One Energy's business solution, called Wind for Industry® describes a wind energy project designed to achieve a significant reduction of an industrial facility’s electrical consumption from the grid. These projects involve installing one or more utility-scale wind turbines and interconnecting them on the facility’s side of their utility meter, directly offsetting power that would have been purchased at retail rates from the distribution grid. With Wind for Industry®, the facility is powered by the electrons generated from their on-site wind turbines - and the customer sees the savings. 

The History of On-Site Generation and Wind for Industry®

Large, utility-scale turbines are state-of-the-art technology manufactured by some of the best companies in the world. For years, utility companies have enjoyed the financial benefits produced by large wind farms; however, until recently, on-site generation wind projects were not possible for large commercial and industrial electricity consumers. 

Manufacturers were not willing to sell small quantities of wind turbines and general contractors were not interested in constructing one- to two-turbine jobs. The pricing structure, engineering design, and profitability of successful large-quantity turbine farms were not easily transferable to small quantity wind projects. Additional grid requirements made it essentially impossible to execute on-site commercial or industrial projects – until now.

Changes in state and federal interconnection laws and advances in turbine technology have made Wind for Industry® financially attractive. And with One Energy's Renewable Energy Agreement, our version of a PPA, customers control their power bills with 20-year fixed rates.

At One Energy, we hold our projects to the same standards as big wind, and we are responsible for some of the largest commercial net-metered wind projects in the United States. We bring the profitable, utility-scale technology used at large wind farms to our commercial and industrial clients, providing wholesale energy generation to offset retail electricity rates. On-site generation projects from One Energy provide significant energy savings and profitable solutions.

The Profitability of Wind for Industry®

As a company, you own your product as well as the materials, supplies, and technology the industry demands. You own your facility and the land it is located on; however, you don’t own the electricity your company requires.

One Energy provides the services to harness the wind resource you already own. With a Wind for Industry® project, you will not only reduce your energy costs today, but you will protect your company from electricity-rate increases in the future.

On-site generation wind energy projects are profitable and deliver proven results.

With a Renewable Energy Agreement (REA), One Energy invests the capital and operating expenses for the project while the customer agrees to a 20-year agreement to consume all energy produced at a fixed rate. A PDF summary of this option is available in the link below.