20-Year Fixed Rates

20-Year Fixed Rates

Graph showing the rising trend of national energy rates in contrast to One Energy’s 20-year fixed rate offer.
Rate Control

One Energy finances the entire cost of projects. Customers receive immediate electricity-rate savings and a fixed rate for the next 20 years, with zero upfront cost.

One of the most attractive aspects of an on-site Wind Campus® generation facility is the ability to predict and control long-term electricity costs. Once the system is installed, costs are nearly fixed and the fuel is free.

Unlike coal, natural gas, or any other technology that has to be continually supplied with fuel, wind provides long-term electricity rate certainty, so your company can control the future. As utilities raise their rates, your cost remains the same and your competitive advantage increases.

While we don’t make predictions regarding future electricity costs, the graphs below provide historical information and data to provide context for the electricity rate increases your company may face in the future.

Click the images below for full reports of each state’s electricity-rate historical analysis.