Wind for Industry®

Wind for Industry®

One Energy’s business solution, called Wind for Industry® describes a wind energy project designed to achieve a significant reduction of an industrial facility’s electrical consumption from the grid. These projects involve installing one or more utility-scale wind turbines and interconnecting them on the facility’s side of their utility meter.
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20-Year Fixed Rates 

Do you know the price of power in 20 years? One Energy does. And so do our customers! One of the most attractive aspects of an on-site Wind Campus® generation facility is the ability to predict and control long-term electricity costs. Once the system is installed, costs are nearly fixed and the fuel is free.

Visit this page to learn more about our fixed rates and to see what electricity rates have been historically.

How Wind for Industry® Works 

Until recently, on-site generation wind projects were not possible for large commercial and industrial electricity consumers. Using utility-scale wind turbines and installing behind the meter at a customer’s facility, One Energy solved the technical problems and made Wind for Industry® possible – and financially attractive.

On this page, you’ll learn all about the big idea of Wind for Industry®.

Our Process 

To go from project concept through assessment and finally to an operating project, One Energy generally follows a standard process. We begin with site tours and evaluations, move forward to developing, constructing, and installing the project, and end with ongoing support.

This page will show you the different services and steps that comprise One Energy’s vertical integration, accompanied by detailed flowcharts. 

Our PPA 

For customers who want to take advantage of the long-term financial benefits of an on-site wind project, One Energy offers an alternative to traditional ownership we call a Renewable Energy Agreement (REA), our form of a power purchase agreement used in the industry. One Energy pays the upfront costs, and owns, operates, and maintains the project. The customer buys power at a predetermined rate for 20 years.

Review this page to familiarize yourself with the details of One Energy’s Renewable Energy Agreement, view a generic version of the agreement, and compare details of an REA with traditional ownership. 

The Bottom Line 

Not only do Wind for Industry® projects help you save on your electricity bill, wind energy helps increase a company’s bottom line. Visit this page to examine cost and savings associated with a project with One Energy.