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When companies agree to Wind for Industry, they’re receiving more than just wind turbines. In this article, Marion Star highlighted the additional benefits of energy cost savings, scholarships, and the facility’s stability in the community for the coming 20 years.

In 2017, we secured $80 million from Prudential Capital Group. After years of perfecting our processes and taking the right risks, our business plan was ready for institutional investment. Read why.

The residents of Marion, OH enthusiastically welcomed the wind turbines One Energy installed at their Whirlpool facility. To those interviewed for this article, Wind for Industry was a sign that the jobs created by Whirlpool in their area weren’t going anywhere for a long time. To us, that’s true sustainability.

Before others caught on to the unique advantages offered by Wind for Industry, Whirlpool and Ball Corporations in Findlay, OH signed on for the “Findlay Wind Farm” project. Financed and constructed by One Energy in 2015, the project began a lasting business partnership that every party involved would benefit from. (Please note that this article is published behind Toledo Business Journal‘s paywall.)


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