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One Energy recently had the chance to honor six more Megawatt Scholarships winners in our backyard at Ball Corporation. These scholarships were awarded to local graduating high schoolers in the Findlay community as part of our Wind for Industry projects. To date, the total amount awarded is over $510,000 for students pursuing degrees in STEM.

Thank you to The Courier for helping celebrate these students and this scholarship program! Check out their coverage here.

This week’s Wind View is a glimpse of the back of a wind turbine as it watches over our blades in the laydown yard at the North Findlay Wind Campus.

Here you can see how the nacelle, the generator, and the rotor (hub + three blades) fit together once finished. Motors in the nacelle allow it to yaw (rotate) vertically in order to face the wind. 💨 As it rotates, it moves the generator and rotor into the optimal position for energy generation. ⚡

Last week, One Energy CEO, Jereme Kent, was a guest of Kevin Edwards on Real Leaders. Check out the episode to hear the story behind his founding of One Energy, how Kent works to build a corporate culture that embraces the unknown, and how One energy is working to overcome the challenges of disrupting a 100-year-old monopoly on energy.

Listen to the full interview on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You may have seen some of the construction equipment pictured in this week’s Wind View if you’ve driven by one of our Wind for Industry projects as they were being built. But there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of industrial power projects – both before and after the construction process.

As a vertically integrated company, One Energy brings experts together under one roof to develop, finance, build, and manage the operation of our projects. Vertical integration is one of the advantages that enable us to build the customer-centric power grid of the future in-house. Learn more about our vertically integrated services here.

Sunny weather means it is bike season, but do you know how your bike works? One Energy has you covered just in time for summer. 🌞🚴‍♀️

Today’s Science Short is the next episode in our series on simple machines where we discuss the wheel and axle. In this episode, Bower uses an equation to measure the mechanical advantage of a wheel and axel. Watch what happens when we push the pedals of our bike and how much this technology helps!

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Last month, One Energy CEO, Jereme Kent, had the chance to talk with Scott Amyx about rising energy prices, changes in the wind industry, and the future of the power grid for Amyx’s podcast, Climate Change.

Listen to the full interview here: Climate Change with Scott Amyx: Interview with Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy


One Energy team members have been busy celebrating another successful year for our Megawatt Scholarship Program. Thanks to Darke County Now for catching us at Whirlpool Greenville last week and covering the event!

Community partnership is one of our favorite things about building One Energy’s Wind for Industry projects. We are thrilled to join family and friends in honoring this year’s recipients, and we can’t wait to see where life takes these young people. Perhaps, we will see some of them in the future as part of our college internship program.

You can read more about our Megawatt Scholarship Program and the Whirlpool Greenville recipients here. 

Here at One Energy, safety and quality are always first, and training is at the heart of our safety culture.

Today’s Wind View gives you a glimpse into our tower rescue training program. A One Energy construction team member repels down the side of the training tower, while other team members support from the air and the ground.

Did you know that our training programs are not just for us either? ⛑️ The One Energy team has helped author wind turbine tower rescue programs and has trained contractors, technicians, and fire departments around the country in wind turbine tower rescue.

June 01, 2022 – Wind Views | Looking Down

Today’s Wind View looks down the crane boom at One Energy construction team members sitting on the nacelle, where they will wait to receive the rotor: hub + 3 blades.

The process of installing the rotor is called a “rotor fly.” Once the rotor is upright, the larger red crane will then hoist it to the top of the turbine, where it is connected to the generator. It requires two cranes 🏗️ 🏗️ and our talented construction team 👷 👷‍♀️ to get the rotor in position!

The Courier reported on the recent Megawatt Scholarship ceremony hosted by One Energy and Valgroup. Check out the feature here


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