Wind Views | Excavator and Bulldozer

This week’s Wind View highlights the first machines to work on any Wind for Industry project construction site: our bulldozer and excavator! Without these two, a project is just spinning its wheels (as opposed to its blades!).

The process starts when the bulldozer and excavator build a stable access road from a predetermined entry point off a local existing road. They strip the topsoil, a sheepsfoot roller compacts the sub soil, and then layers of gravel are installed on top in lifts. These roads will support trucks carrying the wind turbine blades, tower sections, hub, generator, and other components!

The access roads protect our turbine equipment and delivery trucks by ensuring proper drainage and a durable driving surface. The drainage eliminates any surface water that could soften the soil subsurface below the gravel. Potholes, excessive soil pumping, and road degradation are all side effects of a poorly drained gravel road and will hinder our ability to receive trucks with the turbine components and tower sections.

These two machines don’t just look impressive – they play an important role in Wind for Industry!