Technician Talk | High Voltage Glove Inspection Guidelines

Safety is a value that fits like a glove at One Energy.

Which makes sense, because gloves are essential for the work our technicians do! And when that work involves high voltage, careful protection like specially rated gloves is especially vital.

High-voltage gloves are used for activities like de-energizing electrical equipment and systems, working with high-voltage cables that can’t be de-energized, and performing tests on live electrical circuits. Our commitment to conducting these activities safely means we take extra precautions to ensure our protective equipment works properly.

Today’s episode of Technician Talk is about how to visually inspect high-voltage gloves for things like pinholes, fraying, and other issues – to ensure we’re catching any wear and tear, and replacing damaged gloves before they become unsafe. (We’ll also touch on the ASTM F496 – the related specification from the American Society for Testing and Materials.)

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