Wind Campus

Wind Campus

North Findlay Wind Campus

At the North Findlay Wind Campus, our headquarters sit directly beneath the wind turbines feeding power to the Whirlpool Corporation and Ball Corporation factories. One Energy employees have been working under these operating turbines for years; so when we say the turbines are safe we mean it. That’s why we encourage customers to engage the area around their Wind Campus facilities (after construction is complete and operation has begun, of course). That’s also why we invite visitors to the North Findlay Wind Campus to have a look around.

We moved into our new headquarters in 2017. Because of our commitment to longevity, the North Findlay Wind Campus was built in a cost-effective, but purposeful and sustainable way that will allow us to be around for a long time. In the same way we see our customers committing to their community for at least the 20-year life of a Wind for Industry® project, One Energy’s office building method shows we’re sticking around. 

Inside our blue building, you’ll find One Energy employees hard at work  but never too busy to show off the office. When visiting, be sure to ask about the hidden gems: stairway cables that are the same ones we use to climb the turbines, floor mats sized to match our foundations and crane pads, products we use in the office made by Wind for Industry® manufacturers, and more you’ll have to come see for yourself. We built this office building in a way that tells our story, while allowing for our company to run efficiently and effectively. 

Drone photograph of the North Findlay Wind Campus property

Features include:
  • Hardened and secured building
  • State-of-the-art technology to support collaboration
  • Main conference room with space for up to 30 people, featuring a 500-square-foot whiteboard wall as well as a projector screen with size and quality optimal for presentations
  • A design to tell our story, while providing an interactive wind energy experience
  • Fully stocked kitchen with Chef Joseph cooking breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Theater area with a 205-inch-diagonal projector screen and drone footage of turbines at the ready
  • Plenty of parking and high-speed connectivity to go around
  • A design to support our employees with good food, fitness, fun, education, and an interactive environment


Visiting the North Findlay Wind Campus

Contact One Energy today to schedule a tour of the North Findlay Wind Campus. Our Green Campus® property tours offer an up-close view of these utility-scale turbines and our on-site component yard. Our parking lot is paved, and tours follow gravel roads – please wear or bring shoes that are appropriate for an outdoor tour.

Driving Directions

For the most direct route to our headquarters, enter the search term “North Findlay Wind Campus or “One Energy” into your navigation app. Please note: do not enter our address into a navigation app. Doing so will direct you to a nearby private residence. In the map to the right, you’ll notice our building sits directly behind the manufacturing facilities (and five wind turbines) for Whirlpool Corporation and Ball Corporation.

Driving on I-75, take exit 161 toward County Road 99 and head east. At the second light, turn left onto North Main Street/County Road 220. At the third light, turn right onto Township Road 215 directly after Whirlpool Corporation. Across the railroad tracks, the entrance to One Energy is on the right, marked with a royal blue “North Findlay Wind Campus sign.

The North Findlay Wind Campus® generation facility is a One Energy Green Campus® property. A Green Campus® property highlights the integration of behind-the-meter wind turbines, industry, light industry, business, and recreation.