One Energy provides comprehensive wind solutions for our customers. We perform the necessary evaluations to determine if wind is right for your facility and provide the services to take a project from concept to installation and all steps in between.

One Energy’s management team has installed more than 1,000 utility-scale wind turbines with a combined output in excess of 2,000 MW. We have managed more than $1 billion in construction assets for some of the largest and most complicated utility-scale wind projects in the world.

One Energy is responsible for the successful development, engineering, procurement, and construction of the two largest commercial net-metered wind projects in the United States. Each project provides significant energy savings and profitable solutions for our customers.

One Energy has a proven operational history with large companies who demand the best. Our unique proprietary assessment and project delivery tools allow One Energy to reduce costs, expedite delivery, and execute projects of the highest possible caliber and quality. Our methods are designed to make realizing a wind project as simple as possible. Our approach minimizes risk, ensures that projects are fully auditable, and reduces the commitments of time and energy required from our customers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Wind Construction Safety and Quality
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Delivery
  • Wind Research, Production Modeling and Analysis
  • Prototype Turbine Construction
  • Wind Policy Issues
  • Tower Rescue Training and Equipment Selection
  • Crane Operation and Critical Lift Evaluation, Planning, and Execution
  • Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Services

Wind energy is complicated. A project with One Energy is not. We operate at the intersection of procurement, engineering, planning, and construction, to make owning your wind simple and profitable. 
Our integrated approach and industry experience allows One Energy to manage projects from concept and modeling all the way through final construction and ongoing support, making on-site generation wind a streamlined solution for our customers.  
We put the pieces of your project together for you.

One Energy’s Services Include:

Financial Projections and Modeling:
On-site generation projects are not right for every plant or facility. One Energy provides a free initial evaluation, procurement quotes, ROI analysis, and cost-development modeling to help customers determine if wind is a feasible solution for their company. This removes the pay-to-play burden for your company early on. 

Custom Detailed Studies:
One Energy created proprietary software tools, which are used to execute detailed and auditable studies for all potential turbine sites. These studies regard sound, microwave, shadow flicker, ice throw, and wake interference. 

Permitting and Utilities:
One Energy obtains land and FAA permits on behalf of our clients, permits utility interconnection, and serves as a liaison between our customers and local authorities. We complete the paperwork, make the calls, and attend the necessary meetings so you don’t have to. 

Wind incentives can be complicated. One Energy navigates incentives and tax credits on both the state and federal level to ensure our customers understand the risks and rewards associated with each. We will help your financial team get comfortable with all the benefits and requirements of wind incentives. 

One Energy is the most experienced turbine contractor in the state of Ohio. Our management team has firsthand experience with the industry’s leading manufacturers and understands what technology is best suited for each site. We are loyal to our customers, rather than a particular turbine manufacturer, which allows One Energy to select turbine models that are the best fit for your project.

Contract Management:
Turbine supply agreements are typically more than 200 pages long and include a plethora of obligations and conditions. One Energy negotiates, holds, and administers project contracts so you don’t have to. Managing project suppliers is our problem, not yours. 

Engineering is the backbone of any project. When engineering includes safety planning, value engineering, and the client’s goals, you set yourself up for success. Between our in-house staff and our close partners, all engineering flows through One Energy. All services are planned with an integrated approach so that your project is engineered for success before it even begins. 

Project Development and Management:
As your partner in on-site generation, One Energy oversees detailed scheduling and planning activities, as well as overall execution. This way, we can ensure your project moves forward and is completed in a timely and efficient manner. 

One Energy manages all aspects of the construction and turbine installation process. Whether it’s selecting work crews, supervising excavation, or overseeing turbine assembly and crane operation, One Energy experts are on the ground and in the air, ensuring each project runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Quality Control and Safety:
We hold our suppliers responsible for providing the highest quality technology and materials, and enforce the strictest safety and construction standards from groundbreaking to completed installation and maintenance. Learn more about One Energy’s commitment to safety and quality. 

Ongoing Support:
At the conclusion of a project, One Energy provides customers with operational turbines and our support services continue well after installation. One Energy reviews the ongoing performance of the plan, assists clients in selecting service contracts to cover routine maintenance, and our team is always just a phone call away. We are committed to providing any additional assistance or consultation our customers require. 

Wind Mapping and Analysis:
One Energy developed custom software and built a proprietary map of Ohio because it makes us more accurate and provides faster answers for our customers. Our wind mapping and analysis tools allow our team to provide accurate answers and forecasts for our clients.